Warehouse Management System

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Starter pack

The WMS Starter Pack is an integrated Warehouse Management System that encapsulates the operational processes that covers your business needs.
High SOP utilization
Standard Operating Procedures
Tackle the required processes both effectively and efficiently.
Ready and running interfaces
with popular ERP software.
Online ERP transactional update,
for certain ERP systems.
Mobile Applications
Fast mobile software
and easy to use PDA layouts.
Technical Support
Impeccable technical support from experienced consultants.

Hardware & Software infrastructure required

  • For optimal software execution a solid Hardware and Software infrastructure is required. The architecture and the specifications follow:
    • Windows 10 and onwards for the Win/32/64 application for Desktop PCs.
    • A Windows 2014 Server and onwards for the IIS-SQL Server.
    • Windows Mobile 6.0 or CE 5.0 and onwards PDAs for the mobile application.
    • Browser for the myWMS application (optional)
    • ERP Web Services/ERP Connectors (optional)

WMS Starter Pack features

– Contemporary Integrated Information System based on the Microsoft .NET development platform. Enables continuous development of the business due to advanced structural approach, adaptability and seamless data interchange with other information systems. Agile and user friendly environment, configured to the user’s needs for simplicity.
– The DC.NET framework offers grouping, sorting, sub-set and filter utilities as well as printout of customized user interface.
– Data extraction to third party applications (e.g. MS Office) from every application selection.
– Data exchange with other applications via .XML.
– Import/Export Data Tool from various sources (Excel, ASCII, XML etc.)
– Data extraction via Web-Services to third party applications. Visualization is possible per business partner (vendor, supplier, seller and/or customer) with the appropriate parametrization and security features.
A remote application can access data through web­services via the Internet (e.g. an e-commerce outlet can check the real time online quantity on hand per article in a 3PL warehouse)
WMS Starter Pack is designed, to support developing businesses that intend to use strong information systems as a comparative advantage.

Core modules

– User Management
– Warehouse Management
– Location Management (Sites, Sections, Aisles, Columns, Shelves, Slots, Locations), inter-site transactions
– Warehouse Transactions
– Notes Management
– Order Management
– Indicative Reports
– Warehouse Article Quantity On Hand
– Article Transactions,
Transaction History Report
– Warehouse Transactions (Import, Export, Picking, Packing etc.)
– PDA Mobile Applications
– Mobile WMS-PDA
– Import/Export Tools
– Data Manager
– Miscellaneous Barcode Utilities
miniscan - barcode scanning erp utility

Barcode scanning ERP utility

The application that offers he flexibility you need in a cost effective way.

Reduce data entry errors via barcode scanning process.

Reduce time needed to handle incoming goods and shipments as well as stock counting process.

Do you wish to reduce your warehouse operating costs with an easy, reliable and cost effective way?

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